WeekLY Worship Schedule

9:30 AM Worship Service
Coffee and Fellowship after service

 Wednesday NightLife
4:00 PM SPARK Kids
5:15 PM Meal
6:00 PM Worship
6:30 PM Confirmation
6:30 PM RAP Group
6:30 PM Choir Practice

On April 20, our Church Council voted to make some changes to our pandemic guidelines. Effective May 2, the following changes will begin for worship and all church activities:
   + Masks will no longer be required, but are              encouraged
   + Coffee & fellowship after worship will begin
   + Sign-in sheets for worship are no longer                required
Online worship services will still be available on our FB page, which can be accessed from the bottom of this page or you are also able to watch the videos on the church's YouTube page at 

Due to technical and internet issues, we will no longer be streaming worship services live. They will be posted on Facebook and YouTube by Sunday afternoon. 

Who we Are

We envision Custer Lutheran Fellowship to be like the Black Hills themselves, an inviting community in which God's Spirit blows through people - like wind through the pine - life that is forever new!