Custer Lutheran Fellowship is blessed with a resourceful staff that keep CLF running smoothly.


Shannon Witt, Pastor

Mary Moe.jpg

Mary Winter, Office Manager

Mary is the newest member of the staff. She began work May, 2021. Mary is responsible for all aspects of the office.  Mary hails from Howard, SD. She has 4 children and her significant other is Jack Winter. Mary enjoys dancing, reading, sewing, cooking, movies, quilting and spending time with family and friends.


Augie Heyne, Custodian

Augie has served at Custer Lutheran Fellowship since 2013, though he has been a member for nearly three decades.  Augie is responsible for the maintenance of the Custer Lutheran Fellowship facility and is happy to coordinate volunteers who like to paint, sweep, mow, and fix.

Mary Klein, Parish Nurse

Mary completed parish nurse training in 2013.  She is a registered nurse and has worked in many areas of nursing.  Mary leads the Health Ministry team, organizes blood pressure checks one Sunday per month, and coordinates the congregation’s health education programs.

Margaret Tretheway, Director of Music

Margaret has served at Custer Lutheran Fellowship for many years, coordinating music for worship.  After a long career as a private music teacher in Custer, Margaret brings many gifts (and musicians) to Custer Lutheran Fellowship.  If you sing, play piano or other instrument, Margaret can help you find a place to share your gifts.


Jennifer Doyle, Choir Director

Jennifer took over as Choir Director at Custer Lutheran Fellowship in September 2022. The choir rehearses the first two Wednesday evenings and then sings the following Sunday morning from September to May.

Wendi Rusch, Youth Coordinator 

Wendi took over as